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4050 series engineer class sprocket is used for a wide verity of chain sizes. These sizes include RS4050 and SS1265R size chains. These sprockets are typically supplied as cast material but we can also supply them as steel for longer operation. The below chart shows the standard tooth counts as well as dimensions for each size.




Cast 4050-Series Sprockets

Tooth Face at Pitch Line: 2.000″ – Roller Diameter: 3.000″

Sprocket Size Tooth Count Pitch Diameter Style Hub Diameter Length Thru Bore Maximum Bore Weight (LBS)
4050C8 8 31.43″ C 10.00″ 6.00″ 6.00″ 220.0 LBS


We aslo offer a full range of both precision roller chain and engineered.

Applications are varied and range from conveyor, elevator transfer to broad general industrial power transmission specialty applications with attachments and/or special materials are also available.


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