China high quality china supplier Industrial chain sprocket roller wheel beads sprocket Best Supplier Manufacturer & gearbox Factory

Aug 26, 2020 | Product Catalog

China high quality china supplier Industrial chain sprocket roller wheel beads sprocket Best Supplier Manufacturer & gearbox Factory

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Creating Substance Stores, Producing Plant, farms, Development works , Power & Mining, Foodstuff & Beverage Outlets



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sprockets chain


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20000 Piece/Parts for each Thirty day period chain wheel

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industrial deal

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HangZhou At any time-Electricity transmission Co. Ltd. A single of branch of Ever-Energy Group – the largest China transmisssion supplier. With 1200 employee and precision products, we create substantial high quality goods to United states of america and EU and other areas.

Product parameter


British Normal Stainless Steel Roller Chain
East Chain  NO.    Pitch Roller diameter Interior width Plate thickness Plate depth Pin diameter Pin length Transvers Breaking load Bodyweight per meter
P d1 b1 T h2 d2 L LC Pt Q q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm daN kg/m
06B-2 nine.525 six.35 five.72 one.2 8 three.27 23.four 24.four ten.24 1240 .eight
08B-two eight.51 7.seventy five 1.5 12 four.forty five 31.two 32.two 13.ninety two 2480 1.4
10B-two 15.875 ten.16 nine.65 2 15 five.08 37.five 16.fifty nine 3100 1.9
12B-two 19.05 twelve.07 eleven.68 2 16 5.seventy two 42 43.6 19.forty six 4040 two.5
16B-2 twenty five.four fifteen.88 17.02


21 eight.28 sixty eight sixty nine.three 31.88 5920 5.4
20B-two 31.75 19.05 19.56 five/four 30 ten.19 seventy seven.8 81.5 36.45 11000 7.two
24B-2 25.four 25.four six/5 36 fourteen.63 a hundred and one.7 106.2 forty eight.36 17600 thirteen.four
ANSI Standard Stainless Steel Roller Chain
East Pitch Roller diameter Interior width Plate thickness Plate depth Pin Diameter Pin length Transvers pitch Breaking load Excess weight for each meter
Chain NO.
  P d1 b1 T h2 d2 L LC Pt Q q
ANSI ISO mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm daN kg/m
Feb-forty 08A-2 seven.92 7.eighty five 1.5 twelve three.ninety five 31 32.two fourteen.38 1920 one.two
Feb-fifty 10A-2 15.875 ten.16 9.four two fifteen 5.08 38.nine 40.four eighteen.11 3040 2
Feb-60 12A-two 19.05 11.9 twelve.57 2.five 18 five.94 forty eight.four fifty.five 22.seventy eight 4340 three
Feb-80 16A-2 twenty five.four 15.88 15.75 three 23 7.94 sixty 64.3 29.29 7780 5.two
a hundred-2 20A-2 31.75 19.05 18.nine four thirty nine.5 76.four 80.5 35.seventy six 11800 seven.six
a hundred and twenty-2 24A-two 22.2 25.22 five 36 eleven.1 95.8 forty five.44 16000 eleven.2
one hundred forty-2 28A-two 44.45 25.four twenty five.22 6 forty one.1 twelve.7 103.3 107.nine forty eight.87 19600 15
a hundred and sixty-2 32A-two fifty.eight 28.fifty eight 31.55 6 48 14.27 123.three fifty eight.55 25000 twenty.2
Short pitch
transmission roller chain
Double pitch
transmission roller chain
Leaf chain Flank contact
slient chain
08A 40 208A 2040 LH0822 BL422 SC3
10A 50 210A 2050 LH0823 BL423 SC4
12A sixty 212A 2060 LH0834 BL434 SC5
16A 80 216A 2080 LH0844 BL444 SC6
20A a hundred 220A 2100 LH0846 BL446 SC8
24A a hundred and twenty 224A 2120 LH0866 BL466 SC10
28A 140 LH0888 BL488  
32A one hundred sixty     LH1022 BL522  
36A a hundred and eighty     LH1023 BL523  
Double pitch
conveyor roller chain
conveyor chain
04B   C208A C2040 LH3234 BL1634 81X
05B   C208AL C2042 LH3244 BL1644 81XH
06B   C210A C2050 LH3246 BL1646 81XHH
08B   C210AL C2052 LH3266 BL1666 CA550
10B   C212 C2060 LH3288 BL1688 CA555
12B   C212AL C2062 LH4022 BL2022 CA620
16B   C212AH C2060H LH4023 BL2023  
20B   C212AHL C2062H LH4034 BL2034  
24B   C216A C2080 LH4044 BL2044  
28B   C216AL C2082 LH4046 BL2046  
32B   C216AH C2080H LH4066 BL2066  
40B   C216AHL C2082H LH4088 BL2088  

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Launched in May 1979, the calendar year when China commenced its open up coverage, we are a said owned thorough company combining “sector & investing, technologies & buying and selling”. In 2002, our organization altered from point out-owned business to non-public owned organization. Backed up by strong economic energy, sophisticated amenities & engineering, and massive manufacturing capacity of numerous factories, Xinguang has been building rapidly in company considering that its basis set up long- time period and welcoming connection with several consumers from most areas of the world. Now, our workers are a lot more than 60, in which half of them are engineers. Most likely what can make us distinct from other buying and selling firms is that we have a unique employees of each businessmen and skilled mechanical engineers, who have been functioning in the market for years. This function of us functions an vital part in good quality administration, value handle, and services performance. 



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