Coupling Grease

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Why Coupling Grease?
Satisfactory lubrication is essential for satisfactory gear coupling operation. Gear Coupling Grease is especially designed for gear coupling applications to increase coupling existence when significantly decreasing maintenance time. Its high viscosity base oil and tackifier combine to keep the grease in area and protect against separation and it is actually in full compliance with NSI/AGMA 9001-B97 lubrication recommendations.
Coupling Grease is dark brown in shade and manufactured with a lithium soap/polymer thickener, which has superior resistance to oil separation when subjected to high centrifugal forces ordinarily identified in couplings. Bearing or general goal greases have a tendency to separate and shed effectiveness due to higher centrifugal forces around the various components at large rotational speeds. These high centrifugal forces encountered in couplings separate the base oil from the thickeners. Hefty thickeners, which have no lubrication attributes, accumulate within the gear tooth mesh spot leading to premature coupling failure. Gear Coupling Grease is designed to remarkably resistant to centrifugal separation of the oil and thickener, which will allow the lubricant to get employed for a relatively long period of time.
Among the strategies to the accomplishment of Gear Coupling Grease could be the variable consistency through the entire doing work cycle of your application. The consistency of our gear coupling grease modifications with all the working disorders. Working of your lubricant beneath real service problems brings about the grease to come to be semi-fluid, functionally solash lubricating the put on surfaces from the coupling. Because the grease cools, it returns for the authentic consistency, therefore preventing leakage.
Gear Coupling Grease is available from stock in 14 oz. cartridges, 1 lb. and five lb. cans.
Minimizing of coupling wear
Resistance to water washing
Corrosion and rust protection
Higher load carrying capabilities
Extended relubrication frequency
Use at temperatures up to 325° F
Staying in area under substantial speeds
Resistance to centrifugal separation
Reduction in down time & upkeep cost
Gear Coupling Grease has Coupling Grease Gear%20Couplingsa consistency which overlaps the NLGI grades 0 and 1. This grease is specially formulated using a lithium/polymer thickener and fortified with corrosion, oxidation, extreme pressure, and a effective rust inhibitor additive package.


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