JDLB reducer

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JDLB series higher precision worm gear is definitely an perfect substitute for
precision planetary gearbox, the products manufacturer can
substantially reduce the cost of employing precision planetary gearbox.
Hollow output with shrink disc, large precision, for quick integration.
Output with keyway, hassle-free set up, uncomplicated integration.
Solid shaft output (single, double), high stiffness, traditional alternative.
The designer’s best option is usually to rotate 90 degrees to install the servo motor drive programs.
Worm shaft in series is usually driven by 1 motor to accomplish synchronous output of multiple worm wheels. It has been utilized in
automated polishing mobile phone shell and also other equipments.
Optimized speak to pattern
* Advanced processing technologies and precision assembly to make certain the correct meshing in the tooth and reduce make contact with worry in the tooth surface.
* Distinctive worm wheel bronze alloy makes the teeth have high strength and good put on resistance.
* With a huge ratio of tooth surface make contact with, worm wheel just isn’t effortless to dress in, it could preserve the locked backlash.
Optimized adjustment construction
* Speedily setting backlash.
* Higher stiffness and precision.
* Patent framework.
Upkeep cost-free
* High overall performance synthetic lubricant.
* Closed framework, no will need to exchange lubricant oil.
Rapidly install servo motor
* High stiffness and low inertia coupling for servo motor.
* A number of flanges is usually matched with the servo motor.
Installed two taper roller bearings with which have longer services lives.
* Eliminates worm shaft alignment problems.
* Bearing pre-tight installation, with greater support stiffness.
Worm shaft utilizing Taper roller bearings.
* Installed two taper roller bearings with which have longer services lives.
* Eliminates worm shaft alignment problems.
* Bearing pre-tight set up, with larger support stiffness.
Output torsional backlash available in 2 ranges:
* Ultra precision: 1 arc minute for the most demanding applications.
* Precision: 2 to four arc minutes a great compromise cost and high-quality.
Housing with gravity casting
* Substantial strength Aluminum Alloy casting JDLB reducer JDLB worm reducerand heat remedy.
* Superior rigidity and very low excess weight.
* Attractive shape and Superior weather resisting home.


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