S-Flex Assortment

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S-Flex Coupling Assortment Procedure
The choice method for figuring out the proper S-Flex coupling necessitates employing the charts proven around the following pages. You will find 3 parts for being selected, two flanges and one sleeve.
Information necessary prior to a coupling is usually selected:
HP and RPM of Driver or running torque
Shaft dimension of Driver and Driven equipment and corresponding keyways
Application or equipment description
Environmental situations (i.e. extreme temperature, corrosive circumstances, space limitations)
Methods In Selecting An S-Flex Coupling
Stage one: Figure out the Nominal Torque in in-lb of your application by utilizing the following formula:
Nominal Torque = (HP x 63025)/RPM
Step 2: Making use of the Application Services Aspect Chart 1 decide on the support element which ideal corresponds for your application.
Stage three: Calculate the Style and design Torque of your application by multiplying the Nominal Torque calculated in Stage 1 by the Application Service Element determined in Phase 2.
Layout Torque = Nominal Torque x Application Support Issue
Phase 4: Utilizing the Sleeve Functionality Information Chart two choose the sleeve material which ideal corresponds for your application.
Stage five: Applying the S-Flex Nominal Rated Torque Chart 3 find the proper sleeve material column for your sleeve chosen in Stage 4.
Step 6: Scan down this column to your very first entry where the Torque Value inside the column is higher than or equal towards the Style and design Torque calculated in Stage three.
Refer on the highest RPM value with the coupling dimension to make certain the application prerequisites are met. In case the highest RPM value is less compared to the application necessity, S-Flex couplings aren’t advised for the application.
If Nominal Torque is much less than 1/4 from the coupling’s nominalrated torque, misalignment capacities are decreased by 1/2. After torque worth is located, refer towards the corresponding coupling dimension from the first column on the S-Flex Nominal Rated Torque Data Chart 3 .
Step 7: Evaluate the application S-Flex Assortment ANGULARdriver/driven shaft sizes on the maximum bore size accessible within the coupling selected. If coupling max bore is not really big adequate for that shaft diameter, choose the next largest coupling that may accommodate the driver/driven shaft diameters.
Phase eight: Working with the Item Assortment tables, uncover the proper Keyway and Bore dimension required and locate the quantity.


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